About Us

Bubble & Bathe is a handmade cosmetic company based in Hartland, North Devon, UK. Established March 2020.We pride ourselves on using sustainably sourced ingredients from the UK across a range of cosmetic products that invite our customers to relax and unwind. Our ethos is high quality products at affordable prices, along with being as eco friendly as we can. What began as a weekend hobby interest, is now a fledgling small business run by Cameron along with his 2 other employees.

All our products are made by hand in our workshop in Hartland, North Devon. Each product we make and offer is made from scratch and packaged and labelled all by our team.

Bubble & Bathe offers a diverse catalogue of products that includes (but is by no means limited to!) bath bombs, shower steamers, lip balms, hand creams and bubble bath. Across our range, you will find an array of individual products, all handmade with your personal relaxation and enjoyment in mind. We are always keen to try out new recipes, spending time to carefully work out the most complimentary of fragrances, and ingredients to create the best skin-loving products.

Bubble & Bathe is a small-batch company, meaning when ordering wholesale your products are made to order ensuring that each item is as fresh as it can be. Bubble & Bathe Ltd is fully insured and all our products are assessed and follow all UK and EU regulations.

The packaging we use has been mindfully chosen, to ensure that it can be safely recycled or compostable where possible or even reused after enjoying the product. For example our hand cream pots come in an recycled plastic pot which can be washed and repurposed for your own use or included within your usual household recycling. Our bath bomb bags are made from corn starch meaning they can be put in your compost bin or food bin recycling, while our shower steamer boxes can be disposed of with your cardboard recycling.

If you have any queries, we encourage you to contact us via our social media outlets, or email, as we would be more than happy to accommodate your concerns.

Bubble & Bathe