White Label

What Is White Label

White Label products means you will sent any products you purchase without any labelling, branding attached, this will allow you to create your own labels with your own branding on. 

How Do I Purchase White Label ?

Simply add to your basket what products you would like to purchase, before checkout add to the notes section that you would like your order white label. If you cannot find the note section please contact us with your order number after purchasing to let us know you would like your order white label, email

What Will I Receive When Purchasing White Label

When purchasing white label products you will receive each product with no labels attached. Before dispatching your order you will be sent via email all the information you will need to create you own labelling such as ingredients, allergens & batch codes. We will also guide you with all the information you will need to be legally compliant with your labelling.

Can You Print Custom Labels For Me ?

We do not offer custom label printing, when purchasing white label you will need to create and apply your labeling yourself.

Can I Customize Colors of My Products ?

We can only customize shower steamer colors (flicks, drizzle) as these do not require a cosmetic safety report. We cannot customize any product that touches your skin such as bubble bath, hand cream, bath bombs ect. If you would like to customize shower steamers such as colors, scent please contact us to discuss further.


If you have any further questions regarding wholesale, customization or white label please contact us